UV disinfection lamp Ozone lamp(Antibacterial 99%)

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The lamp can kill 99.9% of bacterial and always protect your clients and yourself.

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  • 99% BAKTERIAL KILL: If the UV light design and the ozone-timing function function, UV radiation can kill the microorganism by disrupting DNA and microbial RNA. The UV sterilization lamp has been tested in the laboratory to the kill most bacteria in 40㎡ room ..
  • TIMER SETTING: With the remote control to adjust working hours for. B. 15:30 or 60 minutes. If the UV lamp works, we have to leave the room to avoid burns to our skin. When the time is automatically switched off, the room can be used directly after disinfection ..
  • Widely used: Due to the sterilization with ozone Their families formaldehyde and the smell of the new house can get rid of. It is particularly suitable for germs of mould bacteria and viruses in living room, kill toilet, kitchen, bath, pet nest, the perfectly for covering, wardrobe, floor, doses used garbage, pillows ..
  • The difference between non-ozone and ozone: Ozone is a gas that has the function of sterilization and disinfection. Even if an object is blocked, the gas distributed in space, without being affected by obstacles. It is not obtained sterilization of the dead angle, ultraviolet rays shining in a straight line. If the blocked object is blocked, it is reflected back and the surface is disinfected ..
  • Safe and durable - This ultraviolet light with a remote control distance of 40 ° C and a 30 second delay makes the use safe. Through the high-purity quartz glass tube is more durable and has a lifespan of 8000 hours.


Product description

When the germicidal lamp is on, please leave immediately the place of use and protect the environment without animals and plants.
- Do not look directly at the germicidal light source. When absorbing too much ultraviolet light, this can cause skin irritation and conjunctival damage.

Material: metal Lichtstativ + quartz lamp
Size: 490 * 190 * 190 mm
Rated voltage: 220V
Rated power: 38W
Irradiation area: within 40㎡
Delay time: 10 seconds
3-course Timing: 15/30/60 min

* Outside of just switched it works range 10 seconds later. Connect after switching off the door on and wait 40 minutes. Then open the door to enter.

- Pay attention to the hidden valuable calligraphy indoors in order - to prevent a prolonged discoloration of oxidation by ultraviolet radiation.
- Ozone Free UV lamp: When the ultraviolet light is blocked by the object, the place, which is not illuminated by the line is not disinfected. It is suitable for older women and pregnant at home
- UV UV lamp: Ozone can fill the entire room without being affected by obstacles. In the toilet kitchen pets and other places
- Ultraviolet radiation has a fatal effect on organic cells. Do not expose animals or plants in the long run.

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