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Choose The Best Lash Look

Classic vs. Full Volume Lashes: Finding the Perfect Lash Look

Being a lash artist, you should know the thumb rule: Always choose the best for your cl...
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Guide to Customize Lash Mapping

The Ultimate Guide to Mapping The Perfect Lash Extension Set Every Time for Clients

Hello, lash artists! You all know the importance of mastering the art of mapping perfec...
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Top 5 Lash Mapping Style

Top 5 Lash Mapping Styles That Every Lash Technician Should Know

Lash technicians use the lash mapping process to create aesthetically stunning eyelash ...
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How To Select Best Eyelash glue

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Lash Glue for Epic Lash Extensions

You know what they say - great lash extensions start with great lash glue! And, that’s ...
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