Choose The Best Lash Look

Classic vs. Full Volume Lashes: Finding the Perfect Lash Look

Being a lash artist, you should know the thumb rule: Always choose the best for your cl...
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Guide to Customize Lash Mapping

The Ultimate Guide to Mapping The Perfect Lash Extension Set Every Time for Clients

Hello, lash artists! You all know the importance of mastering the art of mapping perfec...
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Top 5 Lash Mapping Style

Top 5 Lash Mapping Styles That Every Lash Technician Should Know

Lash technicians use the lash mapping process to create aesthetically stunning eyelash ...
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How To Select Best Eyelash glue

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Lash Glue for Epic Lash Extensions

You know what they say - great lash extensions start with great lash glue! And, that’s ...
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Advantage of Easy Fan Lash

Unfolding the Magic for Easy Fan Lashes: Best Guide for Lash Artists (With Tips!)

Whether you are a lash artist at a startup or running a full-fledged lash salon in the ...
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Select Best Eyelash Extension Tweezers

The Foolproof Guide to Picking Awesome Lash Tweezers

Hello, lash artists! Lash tweezers are specially made to help you nail those tiny littl...
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Know About Volume Lash Tray

Unlocking Lash Tray Terminology: Best Guide Ever for Newbie Lash Artists

So, you are all set to start your new lash salon. Congratulations! Now, the common chal...
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Professional Student Eyelash Kits

Professional Eyelash Extension Kit - The Best Thing You Need Right Now for Your Career

Calling all lash artists - from seasoned pros to those just starting out! This blog is ...
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Guide For Volume Lash Fan

Mastering Salon-worthy Volume Lash Fans - A Pro Guide

Creating perfect volume lash sets is an art. Your ability to fan out lashes into a gorg...
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Best Eyelash Glue For Sensitive Eyes

5 Tips to Choose the Best Eyelash Glue

Hey, have you recently handled clients with sensitive eyes? If yes, you may well know h...
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Wispy Lash Extensions For Good Look

Wispy Lash Extensions: How to Get an Effortless Look

Do you get many clients nowadays wishing for a natural makeup look for their everyday s...
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Premade Fans and Pointy Stem

Tip of the Day: Pointy Stem & Premade Fans Hyped Up 2024

Aussie women are known for their passion for beauty and style. No wonder they are not b...
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How to Choose Premade Lash Fans

How to Pick the Best Premade Lash Fans - Lashmer

Volume lash extension application is no less than mastering a sculpture! However, thank...
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Ultimate Go for Lash Extensions

4 Times Premade Volume Lashes Rule the Go-to Lash Extensions

Hey, are you a professional lash tech? Then, you may well know how challenging it is to...
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Benefits Of Eye Gel Patches

Under-eye Gel Pads: What They Are, How to Use, Benefits and More

In Australia, more and more teens nowadays are showing their interest in the beauty ind...
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Promade Lash Extensions Australia

Promade Lash Extensions: A Quick Guide for Newbie Lash Artists

Who else doesn’t look for volume lashes? We guess every woman does! No wonder the lash ...
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Premade Lash Extensions

Premade Lash Fans on the Hype: Top 8 Secrets

Hey, do you know what is the hottest topic among lash artists right now? Here it is! Tr...
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