Top 5 Lash Mapping Styles That Every Lash Technician Should Know

Top 5 Lash Mapping Style

Lash technicians use the lash mapping process to create aesthetically stunning eyelash extension sets for clients. As the name suggests, it maps out the curls and lengths of each lash extension that the lash technician uses during the treatment using a non-irritant template or pen. It's a great technique to give your clients the perfect eyelash extension looks they deserve and enhance their overall facial structure.

Lash mapping designs can be done in several ways. Each of them aims to give eyes a different look and improve the person's overall appearance. Dive deeper in the next section to explore popular lash mapping techniques that can complement your clients' unique features and elevate their look.

#1 Cat Eye Lash Mapping

Clients who want to create the illusion of wider eyes can opt for cat eye lash mapping. It uses the lengthiest lashes towards the outside edge. This type of lash mapping is suitable for individuals with close-set, almond-shaped, and round eyes.

#2 Kim K Lash Mapping

It is a trendy lash style that involves placing the longer lengths (spikes) in random sections of an eye to make a wispy set. People with almond and round eyes can opt for this style.

#3 Doll Eye Lash Mapping

This style uses longer lengths across the midsection of the lashes. As a result, the eyes look wide open and bigger. Doll eye lash mapping is usually recommended for people with wide-set eyes. However, someone with almond-shaped eyes can also opt for it.

#4 Hybrid or Beachy Lash Mapping

This style looks similar to the Kim K look but provides a more natural effect. Russian lashes, classic lashes, or both of these lash techniques are used to create the hybrid or beachy lash mapping, which best suits round and almond-shaped eyes.

#5 Squirrel Lash Mapping

It starts with short lashes and progressively gets longer towards the halfway point. After that, the length gets shorter on the way to the outer eye. Individuals with downturned, protruding, round, close-set, almond, and hooded eyes can opt for squirrel lash mapping.

We hope this list has helped you learn about the most popular lash mapping techniques. With a bit of practice, you can master these techniques and unlock a world of creative possibilities. Remember, the right tools are essential for achieving flawless results. But who should you trust to buy lashes online? That's where Lashmer comes in.

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