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User Agreement

Professional use only for all products on this website.

Products suit Beauty Therapists, Beauty specialists, medical staff, makeup artists & Hairdressers with sound knowledge of Eyelash extension application.

Customers acknowledge they fit into the criteria stated above & agree to all terms stated on the Lash Mer website. If you do not agree with any terms or conditions of lashmer do not use this site.

Acknowledgement of risks

Please find all information on the use of lashmer products noted via website, including with a product is provided in good faith for the safety of the Lash extension technician & client receiving a lash extension service.

Product instructions should be followed at all times. lashmer does not accept any liability for the results what so ever arising from the use of lashmer product due to that the utilization of these products may simply be out of lashmer's control. The user/purchaser is responsible for selecting the suitability of a product & following the recommended method of use. All professionals incorporating a lashmer product into their Eyelash extension services agree & recognize that applying Eyelash extensions can never be 100% safe & that injury to the eye or surrounding area, irritation of mucous membranes, eyes, or premature falling out of lashes may occur. All safety precautions & safe guarding of clients wellbeing is the responsibility/liability of the Lash extension service provider (you) & not the liability of lashmer.

Return and Refund Policy

We try best to provide great customer service and professional advice when you purchase a product from us. The quality of lashmer products is the best we can physically make it. We test all products before we launch on the market. If you want to return a product for a full refund of the purchase price the following conditions must apply.

All products returned for refund, credit or exchange must be received by warehouse within 10 days from date of invoice.

Returned goods must be as new, unused, in original packaging.

A copy of the purchase invoice must be included with the returned item along with full contact details.

Please note Failure to meet any of the above conditions can result in refund, credit or exchange being denied.

Lash Mer is not responsible for covering these shipping costs.

Book to Order products can not be refunded & just accept to be replaced.


All prices listed are in Australian Dollars and are GST exclusive. Acceptable terms of payment through our online store are via Paypal, Visa, MasterCard or American Express. All orders must be paid in full before goods are shipped, unless by prior written agreement.

Prices & Specials

All Item prices & Special deals are subject to change without notice unless otherwise specified. Shipping costs are subject to change without notice and will be listed accordingly for client information through checkout.


Shipping costs per order will show up for the buyers information through checkout. Goods are delivered by sendle & Australian post. Tracking numbers are issued to all orders and available on the purchasers request.

Please allow approximately 2-3 days for delivery. Country areas usually being the later. If for any reason we are unable to dispatch your order we will notify you within 2 business days. This online store only facilitates purchase & delivery within Australia. Please contact our warehouse directly for export purchases.

Incorrect or Damaged goods

An incorrect supply of goods or goods damaged on delivery must write email for us within 2 days (48 hours) of being receive. Any disputes after this time may not be rectified by our warehouse.

Delayed Supply

If by chance we are unable to fill an order the item out of stock is usually marked as this on the website. Please contact us for an estimated time when an out of stock item will be available again.

Customer Privacy Policy

All customer information input through the lashmer website will not be shared with any third party.

Clerical Errors

lashmer reserves the right to correct any clerical errors.


Afterpay is subject to Afterpays terms and conditions. If you are using Afterpay in New Zealand to make a purchase on the australian store please note this message from Afterpay: The final amount charged may differ from the amount displayed. This is in regards to the conversion from AUD to NZD.