Mastering The Art of Applying Easy Fan Lashes Like a Pro

The Art of easy fan lashes

The lash industry is evolving every day and we've already seen some exciting changes….especially in recent years.

Well, these changes include new styles, techniques, lash types and many other things. And, lash manufacturers are trying their best to come up with some brilliant and innovative lash types to speed up treatments and ultimately help lash artists skyrocket their earnings. And, that’s where easy fan lashes enter the picture for creating stunning lash sets with less effort and more precision.

The Art of easy fan lashes

These easy fan lashes make the whole thing quicker and simpler for lash artists like you to craft gorgeous lash extensions. So, with these fast fan lashes, now lash artists can work faster without compromising quality.

Understanding Easy Fan Lashes

See, easy fan lashes are like a true game-changer in the world of lash extensions because they make the whole process way simpler for artists. In a nutshell, they're volume lashes that effortlessly fan out without much effort from lash artists - just grab and apply. And, that's why they're also called easy fan volume lashes.

Here's what makes them so special:

These easy fan lash extensions come with multiple layers per strip. So, when you pick them up with your perfect lash tweezers, those layers naturally separate …. and, it allows you to create perfect fans without even trying. Amazing, right? This layered design eliminates the hassle of fanning, saving you both time and effort in achieving beautifully fanned lashes.

Easy fan lashes come in different types, offering various numbers of layers. This variety allows you to choose different base widths, so you can customise lash sets according to your client's preferences and eye shapes.

One of the main benefits of these lashes is their flexibility. You can easily adjust them to create either denser or wider fans. This adaptability lets you tailor the lash style to suit different preferences. So, you can accommodate clients with varying natural lash densities and desired looks.

Overall, easy fan volume lashes streamline the fan-making process.

Mastering the Art of Easy Fan Lash Application

Step 1 - In the first step, you will need to start gently picking easy fan lashes with tweezers from the middle of a strip. You should avoid picking them too close to the edges otherwise they might detach from the roots of the lash – the aim is to have fans that are still in one piece when you want to apply them.

Step 2-  When they are picked up, carefully reattach them to the strip and make sure they stay neatly aligned in that perfect even fan shape so keep them straight and properly positioned- don’t allow them to hang below the band for they might adhere to glue.

Guide of Appling easy fan lashes

Step  3 - After placing those lashes in the correct manner, gently press them down and wiggle slightly on the strip. Doing this separates the lashes enough in fan form while not interfering with their roots. Furthermore, the slight space between them allows for tweezers to pick up the fan more easily because adhesive sticks to them.

Step 4 -  Pick the fan from somewhere near its middle when it comes to putting adhesive at the base of your lashes. As such, you will keep the fan in one piece during application since its form won’t collapse. This also leaves enough space by the roots to use glue exactly where it is needed.

Pro Tips - As a bonus, here are some expert tips for a stable and smooth application. Double-check that the lashes are positioned correctly before picking them up to avoid any mishaps. And maintain enough space at the root by lifting that fan from the centre, making it easier to apply the adhesive and get that perfect adherence.

Bottom Line

When it comes to fast and easy fan lash extensions, Lashmer offers some of the best quality options out there.

We have easy fan lashes available in a variety of curls – C, D, D+, L, LD, and M – so you can find the perfect fit for your client's eye shape.

Lashmer also provides different length options ranging from 7mm all the way up to 17mm, giving you plenty of versatility to create the desired look. 

These fan lash extensions are made from 100% Korean material and are handmade for long-lasting wear. But the real game-changer is how effortless they are to use. 

The lashes automatically fan out when you pick them up, saving you half the time it would normally take for the same application.

So if you're looking for high-quality easy fan lash extensions that are genuinely fast and easy to work with, be sure to check out our offerings at our website.

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