Tip of the Day: Pointy Stem & Premade Fans Hyped Up 2024

Premade Fans and Pointy Stem

Aussie women are known for their passion for beauty and style. No wonder they are not behind following the latest eyelash extension trends- Premade lash fans and Pointy stem lashes! These two have even become the hottest topic in the lash industry among professional lash techs, and for good reasons what we are going to discuss in today’s blog. Let’s dive in!

Why Are Premade Lashes and Pointy Stem Lashes on Craze Among Aussies?

Lash extensions are the quickest way to give your eyes a glamorous voluminous look, adding an effortless vibe to your style. And, in recent beauty trends in Australia, Premade lash extensions and Pointy stem lashes are found to be on the hype not just among Aussie women but also lash artists.

Of course, the reasons are not lame!

On the one hand, Premade fans are lightweight and easy to apply just in seconds with precision and perfection exactly how your clients desire. Yet, it cuts down the application time and allows lash artists to spend that time giving 100% coverage to the natural lashes.

On the other hand, Pointy stem lashes are the narrow Promade fan lashes perfect for those looking for mega volume to their natural lashes. These lashes are lighter and more comfortable to wear, while easy to apply by picking up from the top with a tweezer. Both give a consistent and dramatic look to the eyes!

No wonder these two are the most preferred choice for eyelash extensions for Aussie women and lash techs. In fact, there are more reasons:

#1: Dramatic and Voluminous Look-

Premade volume lash fans and Pointy stem lashes give an instant eyeliner effect to the eyes and enhance them beautifully. Thanks to their fluttery and dramatic lashes! It’s best for those who want to create a statement look.

#2: Versatility-

Whether your client is looking for curls, lengths or thickness, both these lash extensions are great to pick. Premade and Pointy stem lashes come with an array of options. For instance, Pointy stem fans are available in C and D curls, 8mm - 15mm length and 0.05 mm thickness, whereas Premade lashes come in short and long-stem, from 3D to 10D extensions, with C and D curls and 8mm - 17mm lengths.

#3: Comfortable to Wear for Extended Periods-

On one hand, while lash artists prefer Premade lashes and Promade Pointy stem fans due to their faster application features as it helps them retain busy clients even with a full schedule, many Aussie women love these for their lightweight features, on the other. After all, it makes them feel like wearing no added lash fans; just like natural lashes! Yet, they find them comfortable to wear for extended hours, especially those who love or have to spend most time outdoors.

To cut to the chase, these lashes are a win-win for both lash artists and women!

Where to Get Best Premade Lash Fans in Australia

The trend of Premade lash fans and Pointy stem lashes has gone beyond the hype for Aussies’ unique touch to it, like a natural vibe to the glamorous extension look or using colourful lashes. And, once you have an insight into the world of these eyelash extensions, we guess you are ready to give them a try on your clients.

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