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Clear Ultra Bond(5ml)

Clear Ultra Bond(5ml)

AUD $35.00

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Color: Clear
Ingredient:Ethyl cyanoacrylate,PMMA
Dry time: 2-4 seconds
Retention: 4-5 weeks
Please shake bottle of glues before use it.
Use it from the second drop,because the ingredient on the first drop can't mix well.
Unopened glue shelf life is around 6months .
But once opened , shelf life is around 2~3months.
In order to preseve your glues,keep away from sunlight,moisture and heat.
And keep the glue caps super tight between uses.
Glue must be stored in cool shade place.
Keep the glues in an air-tight container with a silica pack to draw out moisture.
Don't store adhesive in the fridge once you've opened it.
The best way to keep the new glue before opening is store it in refrigerator.
But you must put out off the glues from refrigerator 4hour before you use it.

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