Dulex Eyelash extensions Tweezers Bundle (8pcs)

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Havn't tried our Lashmer premium lash tweezers?Now is a good chance for you.
These 8 tweezers are suits for all levels of las technician. And suits for all type of lashes. You will definitely  find your favourite tweezers here. Save more than 40% off the purchase price of the individual tweezers.

This bundle include:
(1)Rainbow 90 Degree Volume Tweezers
(2)90 Degree Gold Volume Tweezers
(3)VETUS Gold Tweezers(MCS-12)
(4)J Volume/Mega Tweezers(Rainbow)
(5)Double angle Volume Tweezers
(6)Crane Volume Tweezers
(7)Small head Volume Tweezers
(8)Rose gold short boot Volume Tweezers

How to use:

  • Clean everytime after use. Use alcohol to wipe the head of tweezers.
  • Store tweezers in a clean tweezer stand. Avoid storing tweezers with tips facing down, always have them protected with plastic tweezer tips, or stored in a tweezer case.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Libby Dooley

I’m taking it for the second time, the tweezers are super. Better than other for example! It takes any volumes well

Wilhelmine Beatty

I love them and very good to work .. They work phenomenally with them and they are very beautiful