ACOS Easy Nails Coffin Pink Fire (PN032)

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Style: Easy Nails Only

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Style: Medium Long Tips.

1 set of ACOS Easy Nails, ACOS Tips Gel/jar, nail files, wooden sticks and other nail accessories.
You need to buy a nail lamp separately.

(1) You need to use a nail lamp for ACOS Easy Nails.
(2) The side with the number on the back of the nail is the head of the nail, facing outwards.


  • Easy to Apply
  • 2 weeks retention. Not just 1-2 days fall off.

How to apply:

Please check the videos on our website. Or you can click the link below:


Avoid contacting sensitive parts such as the eyes. Children should use it under the supervision of an adult.

Store in a cool, dry place.

Brand: ACOS
Style: Assorted colours
Finish type: Shimmery
Dimensions: 66.37mm * 66.35mm * 21.70mm